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Came across this article online, it was posted in 2011 yet so very relevant. Makes you sit back and wonder if you were to die today would anyone miss you? Feel free to read it and leave your thoughts.

Drunk In Love or something close to It

Posted by: SingleMamaTalesItAll on: December 31, 2013

I am a firm believer in laughter is good for the soul. So when this gem came down  Single Mama’s Instagram timeline, I just hollared, literally. I mean literally cried laughing! Press play and have your laugh for the day.

So you wanna make some New Year Resolutions eh?

Posted by: SingleMamaTalesItAll on: December 23, 2013


So it’s that time of the year again when we all want a do over. We want to be “brand new”, be “team im doing me, you do you boo boo”, team “only GOD can judge”, ect, ect, etc. Sound familiar? Im sure it does, hell I’ve said it a few at one time or another in my 39 years on this earth. I guess I’m wondering why cant we just keep ish real, with ourselves( no typo I said “ish” ) and make some resolutions you can do and keep.

I see nothing wrong with saying my new years resolution is to masturbate more and in front of a mirror. Resolute yourself to be more sexually uninhibited with yourself and love you like no one will.
I see nothing wrong with saying in the new year I wanna stay fat. I like my weight and when I wanna loose a few pounds I will. You know what your health hit for, and you aware if you’re a cotton candy lick away from biting the dust. You grown and you know what needs to be done FOR YOU. You also knew about your health waaaayyyy before December 2013 rolled around. So if you was comfortable living how you were all this year, DO YOU. Phuck yo scale. Make changes when you are willing to commit, not because Dr. OZ moved you and you saw green tea light. We always want to get on the latest fad of weight loss waves, verses deciding to do a lifestyle change so the results YOU desire will make the change and last. Don’t go broke on “products” only to let them collect dust, and become a laundry hamper or coaster for your Cold Stone cake batter milk shake. Keep ish real with you.

How about make a resolution to tell people fucking NO. YES…SAY NO. Grow a pair and don’t always be “that guy” who somehow ends up being the one everyone uses to cook all the food at family/friend functions, using up all your food stamps and wic, cash and credit… want you to always organize and create activities for school affairs, family affairs, using you to always go pick up so and so taking them hither and yonder, always want you to lend them your car for a year until they taxes come, …uh..yeah… want you always be the one providing gas money when yall go out, don’t neva wanna split anything…assume you gonna be the automatic baby sitter cause you single or off the weekends. Um excuse me, I do own a few vibrators and some cheap wine, I know how to have a good time alone and nawl I don’t wanna babysit yo bad ass chil’ren!! I got some single chick orgasms to reach, and lay in my own wet spot. Learn to say NO to people ….it wont kill them. Make people respect your time. Don’t let folks delegate what YOU do. Resolute DAT!!

How about you make a resolution to just live life on your terms. We spend so much time looking at what JonesIliveAboveMyMeans and McDurffieShowOffs are doing, that we forget what WE need to be doing. We need to figure out what truly the word resolution mean. Google it I promise I wont explain it, see look at me, saying no, LOL. But seriously stop with all the bullshit resolutions that will be failed by 12:01 January 1st.

Okay later good folk. Oh and for you grammar nazi, get over. Proof reading is not on my new year’s resolution list.


Yours, Keva


Posted by: SingleMamaTalesItAll on: May 21, 2013

We will be starting June 10, 2013 MONDAY! This is to ensure everyone has ordered the challenge kit and it is delivered. ALSO THOSE WHO ORDER THE CHALLENGE KIT THROUGH MY LINK WILL BE ENTERED IN A CONTEST TO WIN 50$ CASH/PREPAID VISA CARD.

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Why I stink at Kroger

Posted by: SingleMamaTalesItAll on: September 7, 2012

Sometimes I forget how much fun my family can be. We are a family of jokesters and we are always on our toes. Never knowing when the next attack will be. There have been times we have pulled a prank so scandalous that we are laughing in tears. For the most part I’m pretty good at getting someone first, however today I slipped and let my guard down.

I hop in my ratchet piece of a car, (god bless her to rusty bits) and go over to my aunt’s house to visit like I always do. On a typical visit I harass her toddler by scaring her to death when her mom is not looking. Begging them out of food and drinking up all the Kool-Aid.  So I go about doing what I usually do only this time I have my daughter with me. She is running around with my aunt’s daughter terrorizing everything and everyone in their path of tiny tot destruction.

The evening starts to wind down and I finish up bugging my aunt and get ready to go. During the process of leaving my little one says she has to go “pot pot” so I take her. Thinking I would be in and out, the bathroom pit stop is now 15 min in.

Little did I know my aunt was changing her baby and using that opportunity to ruin my life as I know it.  Upon leaving the bathroom I noticed my duffel bag style purse which quite possibly holds my entire life in it, was moved from the couch to the table. No biggie I thought. Little did I know that move would be my un-doing.

I hug my aunt’s little rug rat, who tries to bite me and run. So I tripped her as gently with a loving foot. Cut my eyes at her mom, roll them and tell her she sucks (that’s our traditional I love you secret code) as I slam the door. God I love my family!

Getting my baby in the car seat was when I first noticed it. Sniff. Sniff. What in the world is that smell I said with a twisted nose. Immediately I place proper blame on the toddler who is potty trained, yet after the sniff test she comes up clean. I chalk it up to maybe I ran over something or in the air. Toss my duffel bag purse in passenger seat and we head out.

Just before I made it home I decided to run to Kroger to grab a few items. I have about 10 more minutes before I pull into Kroger and then I smell it again. Sniff. Sniff. What in the SAM HILL is that smell. I mean it’s foul. It’s might as well be Satan’s lower bowels being boiled on a hot summer day. Could it be ME? No way. To be sure, I stealthily sniff my armpits, fingers, various other parts and verified I was not the causing this malicious, vile scent, that seemed to be stuck on me.

Now I’m pissed because I think of my kids ate something in the car and dropped food and I’m about to find a new life form growing under my seat. Parked and annoyed that it’s dark outside and the inside light does not work, I grab my cell phone. The screen light will have to.  I need to know where that smell is coming from. Using my cell phone light I look under the seats, seeing just a few chicken nuggets and a few fries, I am pleased with the finding. Being a mom of 4 I ALWAYS have a chicken nugget or fry under my seat, and they have yet to turn into a foulness that would be assaulting  my nostrils. So I toss the toddler in the back of the buggy and my duffle bag in the front part of the cart. No sooner I start pushing my toddler thru the store and there it is again! Then with assurance in my tone I declared for a FACT it’s something in the air! It HAS to be. With my ugly very irritated face, on I march to grab my stuff.  Each isle I ventured up, the stink was upon me. It got to the point that as I passed people I asked them, do they smell something. Most of them looked at me like I crazy. Looking at me, I could not blame them though. I’m wearing bent up, broken flip-flops, no bra, dinner stains on my shirt, and yet I’m asking them do I smell something.

Hurrying to the line, I prayed no one snapped a picture of me and I’m now posted on the People of Wal-Mart site with the caption “do I stink”.

Casing out the lines, looking the shortest one, I make my move and low & behold,  a woman and her toddler rush in behind me. Thinking to myself “please God, please God” and then it happens. The little girl says “mama I smell stinky!” I immediately defend my body odor explaining it’s in the air. Her mother points out as I’m done putting all my items up, that the smell is concentrated right here with us. You better believe more ME than Us. She then starts looking around on the ground, because surely someone had stepped in dog poop.

While this is going on, the toddler puts my duffel bag up with grocery items. My bag wasn’t there 10 seconds and the bagger said the stink was coming from my bag. OH KNOW HE DIDN’T! Immediately he is a racist, (well not really but I was mad) and he was against anyone not wearing a bra in MY eyes at the time. Without a nasty word, (only the stink eye, and I can give a mean stink eye) I dump my duffel out right there. SEE, I exclaimed, only to see him pick up the poopy diaper among the other contents, which I didn’t know my aunt had thrown in my bag.

I was outdone. Flabbergasted that for almost 1 hr, I was riding around with diaper filled of hot poopy hell, in my bag, and more than likely, had I not made this Kroger trip, it would still be in my bag in the morning. Just the thought of it festering and growing overnight in bag, cause me to throw up in my mouth, just a teeny bit. Tears were streaming from laughing so hard. Oooh weee! She got me!

I finally got home, called her and even before I could say it she dying laughing. Good hearty belly laugh. She said she didn’t know how I made it that long before finding the diaper. She explained that she knew if she would have just asked me to take the diaper out to the trash I would told her pigs would fly first. Therefore she said my bad attitude cause bought this on myself. I could only shake my head cracking up. She knew my smart mouth would say something like that. Promptly I hung up, tap-slapped the “end” button (touch screen is impossible to hang up on anyone) so that I would feel better. Aired out my purse and just shook my head. Yes my family is full of jokesters and my aunt got me real good. So now, it’s on like donkey kong! I have vowed on my children’s last drop of blood I will make her pay. She must pay for causing me a stink at Kroger.

So do you have pranksters in your family? Please feel free to share your story.

Mom Vox Box Goodies

Posted by: SingleMamaTalesItAll on: September 4, 2012

When I first got the box from Infuenster I felt like I was a kid and it was Xmas time! So let’s get right to it. First item I received was a family favorite, some  Ivory soap. Be sure to visit them on Facebook when you can. My mother always bought Ivory soap due to the fact it did not sink to the bottom of the tub. You don’t know how many bars have  lost to water damage, for lack of better way to describe it. The best plus was not worrying about it breaking it me out. More than once I remember using certain soap and getting the itches for weeks. Never happen behind Ivory. Ivory is old school soap. My mama used it, her mama used it. It’s a trusted brand. I totally recommend this soap. Plus its reasonably priced at 10pk for $4.27 . So that was a nice find in my box.

Next up was DenTek Comfort Clean & Fun Flossers. These comfy sticks will run you from $1.99-$2.99. The Comfort Clean sticks were awesome for my sensitive teeth. I was satisfied with the ease of getting between a few tight teeth I have. Regular floss would snag. That was a real plus for me.  My kids loved the Fun Flossers. My kids said they were easy to hold and felt good between their teeth. I asked for more details but they said that’s all have to say. You know what they say, out of the mouths of babes. So there you have it. Kids liked them so we will go with that. I buy these often. Dont forget to make sure you visit them on Facebook.

On to the Stash Tea Superfruits Tea Sampler and Nektar Honey Crystal Sweetner I got. It was a 18 count box 6 flavors. The Pomegranate Raspberry Green tea was very tasty. Acai Berry Herbal, Blueberry Superfruit Herbal, Yumberry Black Currant Herbal, Goji Berry Green, and Mangosteen Green, were the other flavors. All in all the teas were good. I tried them cold to see if they would make a nice ice tea. They passed the test. As far as the Nektar Honey Crystals they were okay. I used 2 packs for a 60z cup of hot tea. I have to be honest, I hardly use honey in anything. So it was not as sweet as I would have preferred. I’m really thinking that is due to my being heavy-handed with regular sugar. Would I recommend this product, yes. You can check them out on Facebook.

Quaker Soft Baked Cookies were the most wonderful and unexpected treat. They are delicious, are really close to homemade in flavor and texture. Plump raisins, kissed with cinnamon and brown sugar.  Only bad thing I can say is they sent 1 cookie. 🙂 I didn’t fret too much over the one. Half a dozen cost around $2.69. Sweet! Please go out and buy you box and don’t say I didn’t warn you of  its homemade yummy goodness.

Lets talk about imPRESS Press-On Nails which bought back old memories of Lee Press On nails. They will run you any between $5.99-$7.99. Tell me I’m not that old and none of you remember the Lee Press On’s.  Well I do like the nails, and I do like what they said they were suppose to do. But for me, they didn’t fit my fingers. That was somewhat disappointing. Especially since I love me some false nails.  Now it wasnt a total wash, my daughter tried them and they did fit. Only draw back she said was they didn’t last a week like the product said. By day 3 they were off. I’m going to chalk it up to her being very active with her hands. 24/7 texting, FB, tweeting, instagraming, all on a cell keyboard I think her own nails would have broke. In my opinion these nails are for the “day of “….not just for on the go. Handling babies, doing laundry, cooking, washing dishes might be too much on the nails. Maybe dinner, karaoke, some hand holding walking the park. Something where your hands will handle less. A fork, a glass and they will last. So saying that to say, try them any way. Maybe we just some heavy-handed folks. Lol. They have a large variety of colors and styles to choose from. I would love to hear from anyone who has ever used them before. Here is there Facebook page. Would I recommend this product? Maybe. Just be aware of what your hands do to make sure they stay on and have slender hands, the nails will fit better. I just refuse to ask them to make plus size press on nails. 🙂 So be sure to check them out.

Last but not least I was able to try the Original Dish Drying Mat. I really love this. It’s a space saver and it can be machine washed. I didn’t think it would work just cause it looked weird. But my dishes dried just fine and its extremely absorbent. No more playing “guess smell” because you forgot to clean the pool of water that sometimes settles in the plastic racks. As a busy mom remembering things like take the dish pan apart every few days and wash it, seem fall to back of the to do list.  This drying mat has impressed me a lot. It’s totally worth $4.99. Its comes in 36 colors and patterns of your liking. I highly recommend this product.

So if you have used anyone of the products listed and let me what you thought about them.


We all got “Good Hair”…

Posted by: SingleMamaTalesItAll on: September 4, 2012

When you get chance check out the trailer to the movie Good Hair with Chris Rock…. then read my blog


I can remember when I was younger the main thing my mama always said was, I cant wait till you get a little older so I perm your hair cause its just to thick. Now my mama wasnt mad at my hair or thought my hair was ugly, it just took from start to finish almost 3hours to do. I HATED getting my hair down! With. A. Passion.  Yet with hate and fear of burned ears from the hot comb, I always waited on Sunday eager and ready to go so I could get to school looking “pretty” with no naps. If you click that link, then you have a idea what my hair looked like. Or at least thats what I thought my hair looked like. “Good hair” use to the in the deal and everyone was trying to achieve it. If you were biracial most times it was said that was automatic good hair. To me “good hair” stayed super soft, comb could just go thru it with out a snag. Lets not forget the infamous baby hair you laid down with a tooth brush. Most importantly it never ever kinked. So I keep a perm, some blue magic grease, and a toothbrush. Wow. Yeah, that was how I rolled trying to achieve what I presumed was “good hair”. Took me some time to learn we ALL have good hair. Your hair, my hair, her hair, their hair. Biracial does not give you “good hair” status. Indian in your family dont either. Took me some time but I learned my hair is good because its my hair and I love whether anyone else does. I use judge people by their hair in my younger immature days. Wished I didnt but hey its part of a past I have matured from.

Fast forward almost 25yrs and 4 kids in to life. I notice my friend talking about transitioning to natural ( perm free hair ) and I said to myself, why would anyone want to be perm free. She chopped of her hair and look beautiful. Just a beautiful as she did with her weave, perm and pressed hair. My eyes opened up almost instantly.  Some transition without doing the big chop, and some transition by doing the big chop and cutting out all the chemicals in the hair.  I suggest doing some research and seeing what is best for you. Me personally im transiting without doing the big chop. I havent had a perm since last November 2011 and since then I have made a effort to embrace my natural hair in its natural state. From time to time I may wear a protective style such as braids or a latch hook.

I write this post because I look back and see where I really have grown a lot mentally. Noway would I ever look at a woman head and see the beauty in her kinky curls, or a fro. Never would I have found a TWA cute at all. Once I stopped and truly look at my hair and other natural ladies, I immediately saw a whole new cute. No longer did I see ugly nappy hair. I have learned to appreciate my texture which is a 4d,e and see the true beauty that always was in my face.

When I finally decided to stop perms and press, you tube became my best friend. One night I remember looking up and 3hrs had past by. There are hundreds if not thousands of videos posted to show you how to style your hair. How surprise was I when I can across some videos of hairs styles I had always seen, but assumed the person had good hair. Going thru the videos all I keep saying was ” Oh that style wasn’t because of good hair, she probably she just twisted it, pinned it and took it loose. There are many many ways you can manipulate the hair and create these supposedly “good hair” styles I was seeing. Never knew it. It was really a eye opener to learn about something I should of embraced years ago. My mother wore her natural in the 70’s but soon as the pressing comb and perms got popular she ditched her pick for lye ( now no lye relaxers)  and never talked to me about my natural hair. I just know she would say my roots were getting nappy time for a touch up or a good press. That’s all I ever knew.

Basically this post is to be of encouragement to someone thinking of going natural and letting go of the perms. Old habits die hard. Just remember no matter how you wear your hair dont let anyone tell you how your wear it is wrong. Long as your happy, wear how you want. I have people who talk about my hair and just hate it since I have stop perming. OH WELL HELL.  Thats my motto. 🙂

Below you see a couple of hair styles I wear. Im still transitioning and have a while before all traces of perm is out. So if your transitioning or thinking about it, please share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.


My lil up do fro

Twist out ( 2 strand twist taken a loose )


Guest Post – Writing as a Form of Therapy

Posted by: SingleMamaTalesItAll on: February 27, 2012

Writing as a Form of Therapy


It is a known fact that: putting words down on paper may help people feel better. What many people do not know is that writing can even have a relevant therapeutic effect. Indeed, the term ”writing therapy” has been coined to depict the process of using written words to ease the pain and lift the spirit. It is therefore, not surprising why so many teenagers grow so fond of their diary or personal journal when they go through their first heartaches and first setbacks in life. However, studies have proven that writing yields far more benefits than thought.

According to James Pennebaker, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas, most people feel much happier and healthier after writing, and the aftermath effects are more than just emotional. Indeed, in a study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in April 1988, it was found that six weeks after writing about stressful events, college students were reported to have developed more active tlymphocyte cells, which are known to play a primary role in boosting the immune system.

Joshua Smyth, a psychology assistant professor at the North Dakota State University believes that writing gives people a sense of control because in order to write about problems, people are forced to split them up in portions, making them appear much more manageable and less threatening. Ron Capps, a 25-year veteran Army officer and founder of the Veterans Writing Project can’t explain it better: “Writing allows you to take a memory stuck to the back of your mind, make it physical, and shape it so that it can be ultimately recognized as a memory and therefore no longer hurt.”

People from different walks of life have been discovering the benefits of writing as a form of therapy including war veterans, goal makers, and even patients suffering from acute to serious illnesses like autoimmune disorders or mesothelioma. Tangible results make writing therapy further more appealing. In particular, a study, published in the April 14, 1999, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, demonstrated how expressive writing helped ease the symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis in patients suffering from such ailments—calming the mind clears a path for individuals to actually take action or start their path to healing.

Writing also proves a beneficial outlet for the daily personal hurdles of patients including dealing with physical pain and emotional suffering. It also offers a positive outlook for those patients wishing to attain results such as losing weight, keeping their cholesterol levels low, changing a stated prognosis or even maintaining an exercise regimen.

But writing is not only a great form of therapy for people given a grim prognosis or those suffering from post-traumatic stress. Indeed, writing can also be a great way to inspire and motivate those undertaking goals and objectives. Whether posting thoughts on social networks, blogs or personal journals, writing can be a great way to say good-bye to the past, appreciate the present and say hello to the future by simply recording desires, wishes, and special future aspirations.
Melanie Bowen

Part-time Blog Contributor: Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Blog: Milady Knows



Please be sure to visit Melanie to learn more about natural health and cancer patients going thru treatments.

These boots were made for walking the path I choose

Posted by: SingleMamaTalesItAll on: January 27, 2012

*forgive the typos, sent from my cell*

We have already established I’m a pitful blogger. Bless my heart y’all, with my every 6 months post. I promise I’m working on it. So let me catch you up on what’s been going on with me.

The Muffin (aka Milk Gangsta) turned 2yrs old on the 6th of this month and is still currently breastfeeding. She nurses at least 2x’s at night…. 4x’s a day during the work week and on demand on the weekends. We are still cloth diapering. She shows some interest in potty training so were moving foward at her pace. My goal is to have her in her favorite Dora panties before the summer. (Tips and Tricks are welcome PLEASE) 🙂 Oh and who has a toddler who just up and changed their sleep pattering…mine has started going bed every night around 1-130am. *oh hells nawl she didn’t!* Can you say 1 step away from Nyquil dipped nips! Lol. Such is the life of a toddler.

I still work with new mommies at WIC helping them to start and maintain a breastfeeding relationship. *LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job* Its a passion of mine to get our african american moms breastfeeding and helping to bring down our infant mortality rate. Oh, and since I love my job so, guess what?….its not work any more to me. How awesome is that!

Other extras in my life include my training as a labor doula. But I have been doing mostly postpartum doula. I enjoy going over my clients house and making them comfortable and relaxed. After having a baby, nothing feels more better coming home come to clean house, a few meals prepared and frozen, babies room organized, moms bedroom full of clean lines and to top it off a wonderful foot soak and pedicure.

As much as I love being a moms labor support, being oncall with a 2yr old is a bit trying. So I’m moving forward with postpartum work for new moms in my spare time.

I’ve also found and IBCLC & a midwifery course I will be starting with in the next few months…. Goals – IBCLC by 2013 (latest 2014)…….Midwife Apprentice *fingers crossed* 2014 ……offically a Midwife in practice 2017-18…. 🙂

So do you have your boots on?.. What have changed for you lately?….. New career, new baby, did you move, are a you WOHM turned SAHM, are you newly single and loving it? :-).

~Talk to Me, Ill Talk Back~

3 Winners #Purex UltraPacks Review #Giveaway *low entries*

Posted by: SingleMamaTalesItAll on: January 12, 2012

I think I’m in love. When I find something that keeps laundry simple and stress free, how can you not be?

Purex has come out with Purex UltraPacks. They have 2 varieties to choose from, Mt. Breeze and Free & Clear.

The motto is simple.

No More Mess. No More Spills, No More heavy jugs. Its laundry simplified. I found love on a one way laundry street. Not lugging a heavy jug  around, won me over.

Same as their other laundry detergents, Purex Ultra Packs are still : 

*2x concentrated

*pre dosed

*dissolve quickly

*works in HE (high-efficiency machine)

For best results, make sure your hands are dry when handling them. I found out the hard way and the pack stuck to my hand and broke open. Your supposed to add to the machine BEFORE you add the clothes but since I tore that one, it went in with the clothes. I just use a shirt, and wiped my hands with it and tossed in the wash. You only need the one pack per load unless heavily soiled then use 2. The cycle soaped up good and my clothes had a good scent. If you are using a front loader just add to drum, not drawer and your good to go.

These little packets, pack a heavy punch to the dirt. I was nicely surprised and very satisfied with the results all that week. Starting in February 2012 Purex Ultra Packs will be in stores along with Purex know how important it is for the consumer to be satisfied with their product. They are confident you will like them, and happy to offer you a free sample.

Dont worry I’ll keep you posted when the free sample website goes live so you can get your sample. I’m also going to host a giveaway and someone will when a full size bag of Purex Ultra Packs. Please leave a comment below telling me if you have ever used any Purex products before. Let me know which one it was, which variety, and if you won the Ultra Packs which scent would you like.

Please stop by Purex, on FB and Twitter to show them some love.

For more entries :

Follow me on Twitter, Like me on Facebook, or subscribe to my Blog while your here.  Do these things in a separate comment to increase your chances of winning! *these are not mandatory entries*

Feel free to Tweet and Facebook about the giveaway. The more comments you leave the more chance you have of winning.



disclosure: Purex provided a sample to write a review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own and the truth.

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